Screensavers – The Original Digital Signage

Posted by 22 Apr, 2010

Computer screensavers have been around for well over a decade now,  whereas digital signage is the recent emergence of massive plasma screens at exhibitions and stadiums. So how do these connect?

Well although you might be more used to a screensaver displaying a personal photo or some excessively garish cartoon, and  of course its original purpose was to prevent ‘image burn’ on old cathode ray tube monitors.  Nevertheless in one sense they both provide a similar function  in delivering information to anyone in the vicinity or walking past.

interactive screensavers from applause

The potential to use these screens to reach out and inform has been utilised by Active Assistance a company working in the live-in care sector who’s purpose is to create choice and independence for those they care for.  Working with their designers Soap Marketing based in Portishead near Bristol they created a series of images specifically designed to attract attention combined with key messages (chocolate cake always gets our attention!).  Soap then commissioned Applause to turn these images into interactive Flash screensavers combining animated sequences of imagery and messaging. The finished screensavers where delivered as a simple 10 second install program in a range of computer screen formats to suit all types of machine.

Active Assistance’s computers throughout their offices and public areas now reinforce the company brand message of personal choice in care.  In addition the visual reminders of cake and latte may potentially also improve sales in the local fitness centre!

applause screensavers

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